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If you have any further questions that are not listed here, feel free to write a message to We will then answer these and perform step by step here.


How much does WeArt cost me?
Signing up and uploading pictures is free for you as an artist. WeArt receives only 20% commission on your sold images.

How do I get the profit from my sales?
The purchase is done via WeArt, which means the buyer transfers WeArt the money. You see in your artist account the overview and the yield of your sales.
After a successful sale, you will receive the money minus the commission. At the end of the month you will receive an overview of your sales, which you can also see in your artist account at any time.

How is the shipping and production of prints regulated?
The artist is responsible for the shipping of his products. You can adjust the shipping costs yourself when setting your artwork. This is possible in each case for the dispatch in the domestic / EU and outside the EU.
The artist produces the prints himself or orders them from a printing company. WeArt is in the process of negotiating with printers to offer you the service of printing in the future.

Who owns the rights to my works of art published on WeArt?
You retain all rights to your work at any time and do not assign them to WeArt at any time. WeArt uses the uploaded works for advertising and links on social media platforms. These contents are published naming the author. So this is also an advertisement for your art and thus benefits you.
However, if you do not want your works to be linked / posted / published on other platforms, feel free to email us at and we will note this for your profile.

What does "Can I book" on my profile mean?
With the "I can book" or "commission artist" function we would like to help you to get new individual orders. This means customers who are interested in working with you can book through our site to start a project. We receive the request and build up the contact of you with the customer. We help you to develop the order as well as the conditions and work.